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This section covers cookie consent, privacy policy, terms of Service and our code of practice. It also has disclaimer (Limits of Liability) for none active customers, associates or none allies. It will clearly define what to expect from when all is good and what not to expect in certain circumstances.

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Cookie consent

We are trying to use zero cookies but this may not be possible because various third party softwares and systems use them to function properly.

By continuing with this website, you approve the use of cookies.

Cookie compliance is taken seriously by everyone and we have demonstrated our respect for you by putting it at the top of this section.

Please note that humble will use all productive and useful systems that helps us to continue to deliver great results for our clients and investors. If third party scripts and plugins or even our website server needs to use cookies to make user experience fast, smooth and more understandable then we would automatically approve it unless it is found to slow have a negative impact on the experience of our customers.

By continuing to use this website you have engage in communication with you aknowledge that you are a guest on our website and we reserve the right to use effective and helpful systems that helps our managers (Forward Outlook Limited) and loved stakeholders (customers and team mates).

All other users except for prospects (people thinking about hiring or investing in us) are using this website freely without any required consent.

Systems like Google analytics in particular and caches will help us to tell the difference between our intended customer behaviour and other public users so that we can focus our efforts on the right visitors.

Terms of Service

  • Pay upfront required

  • Terms vary by service

  • We comply with UK laws

  • Moneyback guaranteed systems are in place

Service Terms

Please note that our service level agreements will vary depending on the service you select and deliverable milestones that were agreed. For example every event, workshop and business support service would vary in their legal arangements based on circumstances, finacial agreements and the business environment it covers.

As more than one member of our management are EU citizens we comply with laws applicable to the United Kingdom our home country and the EU laws.

Limited Liability

For none active clients. In no events will and Forward Outlook Ltd be liable for any incidental, direct or consequential damages.

The damages mentioned here are including but not limited to loss of profits, business interruptions, and loss of programs or information.

Personal injuries of all types are also unlikely and fully disclaimed as all users of use this website strictly under the money back guarantee schemes that are enforceable by the system and payment methods you adopt before a real customer and service provider relationship began.

Strictly Against Service Abuse.

None payments or abuse of our time and resources would likely lead to a deliberate or consequential delay or termination of the relationship between the buyer and our management team at Forward Outlook Limited.  

Even if the cause of none payment is caused by delayed transactions, nonfiction or verification of payment. All customers are fully responsible for confirming payments and should plan for up to twenty working day delays on bank transactions and payment clearance.

Privacy Policy

Your Data will not be sold to thrid party unless it serves you best interest in terms of helping us to help you to archieve a set objective.

This privacy policy applies to all delibreate communication like sending us an email, calling us or purchasing decisions that might have been our beloved customers and associates are going to make via this website.

You accept that due to the fact that is a trading style of Forward Outlook Limited. The management and trading partners that are relevant to will have the possition of trust that has in regards to privacy policy and access to customer relationship management data.


We are not Financial experts and we are constantly learning. So the safe trading advice here is just what how Gabriel Topman goes about trading with systems that haven not earned his trust yet.

  • Information might change as required
  • Do business with Google verified business
  • Websites that offer clear value 1st
  • Experience the value before puting your card and personal details.
  • Pay keyword branded websites on completion
  • Get to know the people running the company
  • Speak to competent person often
  • Paypal offers customer protection
  • Credit cards offer better protection
  • Only make bank transfers on invoices
  • Avoid Businesses with no links to Official govermnet websites like companies house.

In the best interest of our dear and loved (customers, business associates and stakeholders). We intend to comply with enforceable laws and most importantly our own moral codes for good practice. This web page will evolve to accomodate all of them.

However, consistently difficult customers, none paying customers and late paying customers - if refunded or find their jobs rejected or cancelled due to the fact that working with them was no longer fun or motivating.

We take our culture and code of conduct so seriously that our guarantees and terms of service and even the country we call home are will be affected by it.

Whilst we respect the power and authority of all governing bodies. And also respect other people's right to make their own choice and face the consequences of their choices. We strongly believe that trying to satisfy everybody or loosing ourself by following the wrong crowd is a very stupid path to take.

For that reason, all trading styles connected with Gabriel Topman, starting with is likely to be very warm and good to those who are good and assertively uncooperative and even threat neutralizing against all selfish and short sited choices made by other people. Here are a list of common lifestyle and business choices that others make that would cause our goodwill or compliance to become limited, delaid or none existance:

List of motives and directions we do not support:

  1. Lies and deciet that exceeds a 5% of the content.
  2. Changing goal post at the last minute without paying extra.
  3. All manners of delibrate theft from none competiting allies.
  4. Slanders and unproductive feedbacks or choices
  5. Disloyal members, associates and customers.

All Forward Outlook Members are encouraged to be happy, possitive, open minded, patiently reliable and flexible. But assertiveness is a most where goal posts are being changed and good intents are being exploited in a negetive manner.

None active customers and none allies will not benefit from our goodwill guestures, promises and standard obligations that active customers get. Instead our investors, financing bodies, business associates and most likely the customer that replaces the lost client will be served with no conflict of interest.

Concluding this section

Our support plan is not for half hearted, short sighted, selfish or uncommited people. It really is not good for them because Gabriel Topman is not interested in becoming anyboby's victim. Nor is he interested in victimising anyone else

Information Liability Guide

Whilst the information provided in this website is true and accurate to the knowledge of our management. All users of this website are responsible for making sure that they are on the right website and they are dealing with the rifght people.

Because we have provided trasable, verifiable, accountable systems and hard to manipulate data about the management of this website and the way we work.

Any loss or damage incured by lack of attention to face, contact number, Google maps listing combined with linked in and a paid for face-to-face consultation is consisered as a neglegent.

We are unlikely to risk time wasting and valuable resources in uncommited or inresponsible dealings and we accept no liability for making such decisions.

Please be aware of who you trade with

We always take measures to protect our website, our identity and our customers. Customers are hereby encouraged to pay attention to the correct spelling of and its parent company Forward Outlook Limited.

The safest way to protect yourself from fraud is to payments in a way that only an official representative or manager of our company can collect or pay on completion.

Remember our name and spelling

If in the unlikely chance that a mispelt variation or illegal highjack of our brand happens. We will take quick steps to tackle, backup and retusers are already advised to engage in the practice of talking over the phone or email or using safe payment channels like paypal, stripe or credit cards instead of debit and cashcards or cash until they have successfully met up with Serena Organtini or Gabriel Topman.

Please make time to visit us and verify us:

In the UK. Successful and large companies that provide office spaces, even if it is a co-working space are required to verify the identity of their tenants.

Use this legal complaince to your advantage by booking an affordable meeting at the address listed on our website or Google maps.

Remember taht the most secure and assured way to complete deals that are worth making are:

  • Via a trusted website by credit card (credit card protection)
  • Do transactions with accountable businesses that a listed on credible websites with reviews and appropriate verification systems.

Gabriel's Topmans Global Approach

If you addobt my approach, you do so at your own discretion. Gabriel Topman, and all team members of Forward Outlook Limited are not liable for the effectiveness of Gabriel's safe trading policies.

Verified supplier via test transactions no more than £100 deposit via Paypal or Escrow only or credit card payment where the merchant is using payment systems like stripe, worldpay or other payment gateways.

Meaningful conversation with service provider. The conversation should offer clarity and verify that their is a competent person behind the admin side of the business.

Invoice by email that is discussed or amended on your request are also good practice when the service provider has delivered a service to your business or has earned the confidence that justifies trusting them with payment.

Thank you for your business.

Here are some tips for fellow entrepreneurs:

  • Get involved in critical aspects that affect your success.
  • Work with local and accessible service providers.
  • Go where you are welcomed and appreciated.
  • Be responsible and accountable.
  • Make friends by being positive.
  • Be interested in accurate knowledge.
  • Love knowledge and wise application.
  • Get found on any useful and searchable system that works for your business.
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