Cost Effective Strategy For Getting New Customers Weekly.

image laptop, mobile phone, tablet and a sheet of paper that shows different aspects of a responsive and SEO friendly website.

Starting Points

Web Design

  • A Purpose Driven Website Development Service

  • Super fast loading, mobile responsive and beautiful web designs.
  • Focused on clarity of message and built for easy tweaks and tests.
  • Invitation to United Kingdom to attend our best practice courses.
  • Monthly payment plan that makes getting started easy.

SEO And Marketing


  • Technical support and growth activities.

  • Hands-on / Face-to-Face Digital Marketing Course (A-Z Guide).
  • Website Content And Structure Optimization Sessions.


  • Productive connections are facilitated here.

  • A chance to give and get back-links / referrals.
  • A chance to get re-tweets and new mentions.

For high ticket service or products worth £500 plus.

We expect our clients to realize the value we offer and make time to identify the value they are getting and what it is worth to their bsuiness. This expectation is supported by a humble zoom meeting.

To get along with Gabriel Topman note
  • Honesty is very important.
  • We make no double crossing or cut-out plans.
  • If you are in doubt, start with our mentoring/coaching/consulting service.